I’m Running A 10k For Diabetes UK


Yes, you read that correctly, in just a few weeks I will be running 10k or 6 miles… either way it’s going to be hard! 

(could I look any cheesier in that picture? Im only used to being the camera!)

In two weeks time I would have (hopefully) completed my first ever 10K race. I know that 10k is nothing compared to say a marathon, but for me, this is a huge deal. I have never been ‘fit’ and always a bit overweight, I did play netball at school but being goalkeeper meant not a lot of moving! My Grandad ran most days until arthritis stopped that, I always wished I had his fitness, even way into his 70s he was running miles.



My Grandad had a fall in January 2017 and broke his hip it meant he couldn’t get out the house and definitely couldn’t drive, so I happily became his taxi when he was able to get out. He has been going to our local Parkrun for years, telling us about how great it is! If you don’t know what Parkrun is it is a 5k run in a local park on a Saturday morning at 9am. I used to think he was mad going to a park on a morning to cheer on the runners until I ventured there and understood.


We get on average around 380 runners a week, mad I know, but everyone of all ages and abilities meets at our park to run, walk, jog, skip and hop! The atmosphere is something special, and we are a family who supports each other in whatever we set our minds to. If you would have asked me this time last year would I ever run 5k I would have howled laughing, now it’s not a Saturday without it! I can’t say I love running, but the feeling after you have finished is something else. We are a community that helps each other over that finish line every week, and I love that!


I highly recommend giving it a go, honestly, I had never run before this and you’ll be shocked to see what you can do when you put your mind to it!

If you want to find out more about Parkrun, you can find the information here>


So as a challenge for this year I am taking on my local 10K, raising money for Diabetes UK! If you haven’t read my  Diabetes Week – Setting The Record Straight & My Story blog post, you can here >  I was diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic back in October 2005, at the age of 12! Since then I haven’t shied away from the fact, and have done my best to talk to anyone who will listen about my life with diabetes! I turn 25 in March and thinking how much has changed since I was that scared 12 year old in a hospital bed is crazy, and to be honest I don’t remember a time that I didn’t have T1D! A lot has changed with medicine and luckily being a kid and having diabetes now is much easier, with a huge thanks to the work and education from Diabetes UK!


Running this 10K shows that having T1D will never hold me back, and raising money at the same time is a win-win! My world doesn’t revolve around having diabetes, it’s just who I am, and keeping good control and staying healthy for my future is important to me!

If you would like to sponsor me, however big or small the donation, I would really appreciate it! I know the money raised will go towards great work! They fight for better care for the millions of people living with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes and to prevent the rise of Type 2.


Also I would love to know if you have any tips for my running, please let me know! I think I’m still slightly in denial about the whole thing, but I will give it my all! I hope to make people proud, especially my Grandad!


Thank you to my lovely boyfriend Ryan for taking these pictures, Ive learnt I’m rubbish at posing and should really stick to taking the pictures! 

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