Northern Blog Awards 2017


The first Northern Blog Awards were held on Saturday 16th September in the Ballroom, at the beautiful Principal Hotel in Manchester, here’s how my night went…

This was the first (of hopefully many) Northern Blog Awards, organised by Holly and the WeBlogNorth team. What a night it turned out to be, I am so glad I went. I wasn’t up for an award, but luckily anyone who is part of this wonderful blogging community could buy a ticket. After lots of near purchases, then chickening out, I bought my ticket, with some encouragement from some lovely girls including Rachel (ode2fitness) who I met at the MyProtein event last year. As soon as I pressed ‘buy’ I was excited, nervous, but still feeling brave to go it alone and have a great night out to celebrate all that is Nothern blogging.


The night was held at the Principal Hotel in Manchester, in the most stunning ballroom, it really did feel like a special night. After unluckily having no public transport to get me there, I drove, in my blue lace dress and ugg boots (classy) then changed my into my heels in the car and skipped into the hotel.

I met two lovely girls in the lift down to the ballroom, turns out I got there just in time after getting a bit lost around Manchester, I used to drive in every day while I was uni but not much luck that night! We ended up coming through the back door and missing the red carpet altogether, great start.


The room was beautifully lit, with huge candlesticks and gorgeous flowers on the tables. With a photo booth, sponsors Christy set up a bed and Booths has a beautiful display. The room looked stunning!


I finally found my seat… and I was sat next to both the girls I met in the lift (madness!) I ended up having a complete ball with these two! Daisy and Georgina, from Greens of the Stone Age. I didn’t stop laughing all night with you two and we even ended up in the Christy bed for the creepiest boomerang ever and hogging the photobooth a little too long!


The food… oh it was delicious, all three courses, let’s just say I ate the lot there was no holding back!


The awards! There are way too many people to congratulate personally, but I just want to say well done to you all! I found a lot of new people to follow and blogs to read; it’s also has given me some inspiration back to strive for anywhere near those winners!

I came away with a belly full of delicious food and laughter, tones of inspiration and the biggest goody bag you’ve ever seen! I ended up having to run to the car after losing track of time, so those Christy slippers came in very handy!


Overall I had a great night and I am so glad I plucked up the courage and went. I realised that I really need to just say yes more often and push myself. I met some lovely people and it made me realise how proud I am to call myself a (very small) blogger and very much a Northerner! a HUGE well done to Holly (who looked gorgeous may I add) and the team, what a night! Here’s to the Northern Blog Awards 2018!

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