Friends Fest 2017


In a muddy Manchester field in August, I attended Friends Fest! Where no one would judge me for over using quotes from the show and actually had a drink in Central Perk.

This isn’t something I would usually put on the blog, but I had the best day and love looking back on these pictures! Friends Fest is in its second year, and gives every Friends fan the chance to see all the sights and visit the set. I went with my lovely girls from uni, who for the 3 years we were there (unless we were working hard obviously) watched a lot of episodes of friends! We jumped at the chance to go, being so popular we knew we had to be quick, luckily we got those tickets!

It was held in Heaton park in Manchester, and after a lot of typical manchester rain, it got a bit muddy! That didn’t stop us having lots of pictures with all the familiar props from the show. The set tours was definitely a highlight, but getting out of the canoe needed some balancing skills. I even dressed in Monica’s prom dress and wig … I never thought I would see that day, but it was all fun and I had such a laugh!

I did refrain myself in the gift shop and we all bought watching t-shirt full of quotes.If you’ve haven’t had the chance to get your hands on some tickets from this year when it makes its tour, I hope it comes around again next year, as it was the best day and I really recommend any friends fan (or not) to go!


All pictures were taken on my Sony A5100.dsc00710dsc00719 dsc00725dsc00735dsc00759 dsc00741dsc00757dsc00771dsc00775dsc00781

The iconic opening credits! I’ll be there for you!

I hope you liked this different post. If you have been to Friends Fest, let me know what your favourite part was! Also if you don’t follow me on Twitter or Instagram you wont know that I have cut my hair, I fancied a change and I love it!

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