Office Desk Must Haves

Now I have moved from the shop floor, to the office, theres some things I keep on my desk to ease me through the day...

April Love List

Its coming to the end of the month, so its Love List time... its been a while!

Crest Teeth Whitening Strips & Promo Code

Ive always been embarrassed about my stained teeth, but I really can't afford professional work from a dentist. Crest White Strips are my first attempt at trying it at home.

I Am Back & How to stay sane whilst ill!

Serious apologies for being so absent the past few weeks, heres why!

The Manor Hotel - Amsterdam

 If you’re looking for 4 star hotel, in Amsterdam, but trying to keep the budget down, I have what you’re looking for!  

Hydra Quench Trio

I think I've found my triple threat of skincare!

Health(ier) Double Chocolate Muffins

Its January, the month of the diet. Ive been cutting down on sweet treats recently, but when you can still enjoy the nicer things in life.. how can you say no?

Happy 2nd Blog Birthday

Today my blog turned 2, so it must be time for a temper tantrum!

The Bodyguard UK Tour - Manchester

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